Differetial Equations and Applications

List of participants

List of those who are already registered:

Surname, Name City, Country
1. Agbeboh, Goddy UjagbeEkpoma, Nigeria
On the parmetric factorization and analysis of a cubic root mean 4th order Runge-Kutta formula
2. Ahmed, ReficeDjelfa, Algeria
3. Allahem, AliBuraydah, Saudi Arabia
Analytical Solution to Normal Forms of Hamiltonian Systems
4. Ali khelil, KamelAnnaba, Algeria
Stability of solutions for neutral delay dynamic equations on time scales
5. Amirali, IlhameDüzce, Turkey
6. Anikin, AnatolyMoscow, Russiaregistration confirmed
On effective asymptotic formulas for two-dimensional wave equation with localized right-hand side
7. Arshad, SarmadLahore, Pakistan
8. Astashova, IrinaMoscow, Russian Federationregistration confirmed
9. Aymen, Balti AymenLe Havre, France
10. Bal, KaushikKanpur, India
11. Balbus, JoannaWroclaw, Polandregistration confirmed
Average conditions for permanence in N species nonautonomous competitive reaction-diffusion-advection systems
12. Benniche, OmarMiliana, Algeria
A global estimates for solutions to quasi-autonomous differential equations in abstract Banach spaces
13. Berkane, AliAnnaba, Algeria
Method of singular mass matrix and singular perturbation problem
14. Bezziou, MohamedKhemis Miliana, Algeria
Approximate viability result for fractional differential inclusions in abstract Banach spaces
15. Bobkov, VladimirPlzeň, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
On positive solutions for $(p,q)$-Laplace equations with two parameters
16. Bonanno, GabrieleMessina, Italyregistration confirmed
17. Bouchelaghem, FayçalAnnaba, Algeria
18. Bourguiba, RymMonastir, Tunisia
Existence results of a singular fractional differential equation with perturbed term
19. Bravyi, EugenePerm, Russiaregistration confirmed
Boundary value problems for families of functional differential equations
20. Briki, MabroukDjelfa, Algeria
Solvability boundary value problem via critical point theory
21. Buendía, Jose Gines EspínCartagena, Spainregistration confirmed
Some remarks on the Markus-Neumann theorem
22. Bulnes, FranciscoChalco, Mexico
Classification of differential operators to field equations and their solution classes spaces
23. Bunonyo, Kubugha WilcoxBirmingham, United Kingdom
24. Burlutskaia, MariiaVoronezh, Russian Federationregistration confirmed
25. Caetano, DiogoLisbon, Portugal
Stability and attractivity for Nicholson systems with time-dependent delays
26. Candito, PasqualeReggio Calabria, Italyregistration confirmed
27. Čermák, JanBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
28. Das, KalyanHaryana, India
Stability analysis of a discrete-time ratio-dependent model: analytical and numerical approach
29. Demetrian, MichalBratislava, Slovakia
Cycles in models of monetary and fiscal stabilization policies
30. Di Bella, BeatriceMessina, Italyregistration confirmed
Existence results for fourth-order boundary value problems
31. Dosoudilová, MonikaBrno, Czech Republic
Periodic boundary value problem for second order linear ordinary differential equations
32. Drábek, PavelPlzeň, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
Convergence to a new profile of travelling front in Fisher's population genetics model
33. Dulina, KseniyaMoscow, Russia
34. Fabião Ribeiro, Maria de FátimaLisboa, Portugal
A Variant of method of step algorithm for a delay differential equation
35. Fernăndez-Muăoz, Marăa-VictoriaGranada, Spain
36. Gallegos, Claudio AndrésSantiago, Chileregistration confirmed
Measure functional differential equations with infinite time-dependent delay
37. Godoy Soto, José DamiánConcepción, Chile
A general result to the existence of a periodic solution to an indefinite equation with weak singularity
38. Gurban, Daniela AnaTimişoara, Romaniaregistration confirmed
39. Hakl, RobertBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
40. Hashemi, Mir SajjadBonab, Iran
41. Hrdina, JaroslavBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
Nilpotent sub-Riemannian problem on generalized path geometries
42. Hristov, TsvetanSofia, Bulgaria
Protter-Morawetz problem for (3+1)-D equations of Keldysh type
43. Hristova, SnezhanaPlovdiv, Bulgariaregistration confirmed
Iterative methods fr approximate solving non-instantaneous impulsive Caputo fractional differential equations
44. Huang, Shao-YuanYunlin, Taiwanregistration confirmed
Classification and evolution of bifurcation curve of positive solution for the one-dimensional Minkowski-curvature problem
45. Chaouchi, BelgacemKhemis Miliana, Algeria
Hölder continuous regularity for Laplace equation in cylinder whose base is a cusp domain
46. Chinnì, AntoniaMessina, Italyregistration confirmed
Applications of critical points results to existence and multiplicity of solutions for elliptic problems with variable exponent
47. Jiwari, RamRoorkee, India
48. Kapoor, KulwantNew Delhi, India
49. Karaaslan, Mehmet FatihIstanbul, Turkeyregistration confirmed
Numerical simulation of the conservative fractional diffusion equations by HDG method
50. Khojimurodova, MadinakhonTashkent, Uzbekistan
51. Kivilcim, Aysegulİstanbul, Turkey
Non-autonomous grazing phenomenon
52. Kokologiannaki, ChrysiPatras, Greeceregistration confirmed
Some results on the zeros of derivatives of Bessel functions
53. Korchemkina, TatianaMoscow, Russia
54. Kossowski, IgorLodz, Polandregistration confirmed
Radial solutions for nonlinear elliptic equation with nonlinear nonlocal boundary condtions
55. Kürt, CemaliyeFamagusta, North Cyprusregistration confirmed
Fractional wave equation with a frictional memory kernel of multivariate Mittag-Leffler type
56. Labovskiy, SergeyMoscow, Russia
On discreteness of spectrum of differential operator of second order
57. Lomtatidze, AlexanderBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
58. Malinowski, Marek T.Kraków, Polandregistration confirmed
Fuzzy stochastic differential equations – A tool for stochastic systems with imprecise values
59. Maurya, Jagdish PrasadVaranasi, India
Exact solutions for unsteady axisymmetric vortex motions governing atmospheric vortices
60. Mawhin, JeanLouvain-la-Neuve, Belgiumregistration confirmed
Systems of ordinary differential equations with nonlocal boundary conditions
61. Meddour, NardjesBab ezzouar, Algeria
62. Melouka, Remil, Algeria
63. Merad, AhceneAlgeria, Oum El Bouaghi
A non-local problem with integral conditions for pseudohyperbolic equations
64. M'hamed, KesriAlgiers, Algeria
65. Molavi-Arabshahi, MahboubehTehran, Iranregistration confirmed
The study of telegraph equations based combination of collocation and multigrid methods
Numerical solution of diffusion differential equations for ocean models
66. Monteiro, Giselle AntunesPraha, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
67. Morales Tineo, Nolbert YonelConcepción, Chile
An approximation to the minimum wave for Nicholson Blowflies equation
68. Mukhigulashvili, SulkhanBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
69. Natesan, SrinivasanGuwahati, India
A robust computational method for singularly perturbed system of 2D parabolic convection-diffusion problems
70. Nechvátal, LuděkBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
71. Novotná, VeronikaBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
72. Omari, PierpaoloTrieste, Italyregistration confirmed
How to determine the shape of the human cornea: a contribution from nonlinear analysis
73. Opluštil, ZdeněkBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
74. Ozen, KemalTekirdag, Turkeyregistration confirmed
75. Pasic, MervanZagreb, Croatiaregistration confirmed
Localized extrema of ground state solution for nonlinear Schrödinger equation with non-monotone potential
76. Pituk, MihályVeszprém, Hungaryregistration confirmed
77. Petropoulou, Eugenia N.Patras, Greeceregistration confirmed
Solving the nonlinear boundary layer flow equations with pressure gradient and radiation
78. Popov, TodorSofia, Bulgaria
Singular solutions of Protter problems for the wave equation
79. Půža, BedřichBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
80. Rachůnkova, IrenaOlomouc, Czechiaregistration confirmed
81. Rogachev, Vladimir ViktorovichMoscow, Russia
82. Řehák, PavelBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
83. Salani, PaoloFlorence, Italyregistration confirmed
84. Sergeev, Sergey AndreevichMoscow, Russiaregistration confirmed
Asymptotic solution of the linearized Korteweg-de Vries equation
85. Sharma, SwatiDelhi, India
86. Staněk, SvatoslavOlomouc, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
87. Szuminski, WojciechZielona Gora, Poland
Integrability of natural Hamiltonian systems in curved spaces
88. Szymanska-Debowska, Katarzyna MalgorzataLodz, Polandregistration confirmed
Delayed exchange of stabilities for a singularly perturbed initial value problem
89. Syed, Feroz ShahHyderabad, Pakistan
Exact solution of unsteady tank drainage for Ellis fluid
90. Šepitka, PetrBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
91. Šimon Hilscher, RomanBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
Principal solutions in oscillation theory of linear Hamiltonian systems
92. Šremr, JiříBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
93. Tahri, KamelTlemcen, Algeria
94. Takáč, PeterRostok, Germanyregistration confirmed
95. Telksnys, TadasKaunas, Lithuania
KdV soliton solutions to a model of hepatitis C virus evolution
96. Telnova, MariaMoscow, Russia
Extremal estimates for the first eigenvalue of the Sturm-Liouville problem with Dirichlet boundary conditions and a weighted integral condition
97. Tomášek, PetrBrno, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
Modified midpoint method for delay differential equations - stability analysis
98. Tornatore, ElisabettaPalermo, Italiaregistration confirmed
Quasilinear elliptic Dirichlet problem with gradient dependence
99. Tvrdý, MilanPraha, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
100. Tzirtzilakis, Efstratios EmmPatras, Greeceregistration confirmed
101. Vasilyev, Sergey AnatolyevichMoscow, Russiaregistration confirmed
Regular and singular perturbation problems for infinite order system of differential equations with a small parameter
102. Volek, JonášPilsen, Czech Republicregistration confirmed
Existence and multiplicity for implicit discretization of Nagumo RDE on unbounded domain via variational methods
103. Yüksekkaya, HazalDiyarbair, Türkiyeregistration confirmed
Energy decay and global nonexistence of solutions for a nonlinear hyperbolic equation
104. Zabrodskii, IliaÅs, Norwayregistration confirmed
Parameters estimation in S-systems
105. Zemach, TamarTel-Hai, Israel
106. Zima, MirosławaRzeszów, Polandregistration confirmed
Existence and localization results for the second order periodic boundary value problem
107. Zhang, MeirongBeijing, Chinaregistration confirmed
Dependence of eigenvalues on potentials and weights and optimal estimates of eigenvalues
108. Zvereva, MargaritaVoronezh, Russiaregistration confirmed
A string oscillations simulation with nonlinear conditions
109. Wilczynski, PawelWarsaw, Polandregistration confirmed
110. Wyller, JohnÅs, Norwayregistration confirmed